Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 32, Week 5- iBike Fresno

Its about time iWrite about iBike Fresno. I think I've been held up by the fact that iHaventBiked at all, and I've felt a tiny bit guilty for it, but the truth is, I am so jealous of people who bike everywhere and iWant that lifestyle.

I became a fan of their facebook in January and despite the fact that I hadn't been on a bike since 6th grade I've pulled out this bike I found with a FREE-TAKE ME sign and begun to assess the work to be done to take me from I wanna, to I will, to iBike.

The whole idea behind the site and the movement is that Fresno is a great place to pedal it up, and it is becoming better with the Bike Master Plan that will make this a much more bicycle-friendly city.

So grab your bike and get out there, enjoy Fresno in a family-fun, eco-friendly, Fresnamzing way. I know that as soon as I can stop wobbling on mine, I will be! 2010 is going to be the year I stop making excuses and start riding!

(Image from iBike Fresno's Facebook. Its cute, no? I've been riding my bike around my field in hopes of gaining confidence on it enough to someday be half as cool as just the logo!)


  1. Thanks! It needs a lot of love, the chain is rusty, brakes are kind of spotty... but it was free and its totally cute so I can't complain! One of these days I'll be taking Fresno by storm on my unstoppable bike of glory! But I think I need handlebar tassels first.

  2. Sustainable Action which is an eco friendly club at FCC does free bike workshops and tune-ups 9-12 am M-Th for the rest of the semester for any of those who needs to dust off and get their bike in gear for the nice weather!

  3. Lol I suppose location would be good, the meet at the big fountain on campus.