Wednesday, March 3, 2010

31 Hours of Rogue- Hour 6: Eating Out, Rogue Festival

Gonna suppress all giggling about that until later, this isn't necessarily one of the Rogue performances, but it is one of those nifty blogs I was yammering about 6 hours ago. You need to eat, and you may even need to eat out *snicker* while you're in between shows, so Eating Out Fresno has jumped on this opportunity to review the dining of the Tower District just for the occasion. Snarky, fun, and not for those lacking in humor- this is a great blog to read anyway and promises to be an great guide to Rogue food.

(If you couldn't tell by the title, uh if you click the link it'll launch you into vulgarlanguageland, so uh, be warned. That is all, Fresno.)

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