Sunday, January 17, 2010

Day 17- Tri Tip

Anyone from Fresno has probably at least once experienced the confounded look on an out-of-towner's face when talking about tri tip. This is fairly common- the use of this cut of meat wasn't really done for much other than ground beef up until the 50's when some smarty in Santa Maria decided that it was the best cut of meat ever and it should be enjoyed.

Though it is gaining popularity, tri tip is still mainly found along the central coast and ding ding ding! Right here in Fresno and the valley.

Its so popular that everyone you know has the best recipe for the most tender and flavorful roast. My husband likes Pappys, my dad uses wine and garlic, my mother in law swears by local seasoning maker Raven. Its discussed at bar-b-que's out of hearing range of the host and shared on internet forums, where people from near and far all ask "Okay, so what cut is it?" Tri tip is definitely a tasty Fresno food, so how do you prepare yours?


  1. Cover with mustard and pepper prior to placing on the center of the charcoal grill...coals to each side...makes for a nice outer crust.

  2. It goes great with a Fresno speciality marinade-- basque!

  3. I've never actually made tri tip but I do LOVE, and I mean LOVE, the tri tip sandwiches at Doghouse Grill. I moved from Fresno two years ago and whenever I'm back in town that is most definitely on my must visit list!